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Cooking With CBD – Mango smoothie Recipe

Mom's Kitchen September 16, 2020 0 comments

What is CBD?

You’ve probably heard someone talk about how CBD is the best thing since sliced bread. CBD is being used for everything from insomnia and anxiety to chronic pain and other illnesses. Despite its widespread use, not all of the information out there is accurate.


CBD, or cannabidiol, has become popular because it does not have a euphoric high or any kind of impairment. CBD interacts with the receptors in the body to increase serotonin and improve your mood, essentially relaxing your body instead of making you feel stoned.

CBD can be consumed in various forms such as capsules, drops, infused consumables, and infused lotions. Despite the many claims of health benefits provided by CBD it has not been officially approved for many medical uses, but as more scientific studies are conducted there will likely be more breakthroughs.

Some of the most common and promising medical uses of CBD are for insomnia, anxiety and depression. Many believe that it has a calming effect on users, reducing anxiety and pain. Perhaps most importantly is that CBD is not known to have many side effects, but users should always check with their Doctor before trying something new.

Cooking with CBD

The most common way to cook with CBD is with a tincture, which can easily be infused with your cooking oil. It is important to use a fat-based product when cooking, as CBD will not bind as well with water-based substances and may separate. Stir in the CBD oil longer than you think you need to, this will ensure it is evenly dispersed.

Most recipes recommend a dose of 10mg, however the dosage needs to be right for you and anyone else that will be consuming your cooking. When starting out it’s better to start on the lighter side, and experiment with your recipe over time.

Recipe Ideas:

 CBD Mango Smoothie


1 mango, peel / chop

1 banana, peel / chop

1 1-inch piece ginger, peel / grate

½ cup unsweetened coconut water

½ tsp CBD hemp oil

½ tsp ground turmeric

1 pinch of kosher salt

1 cup ice

Puree all ingredients and divide between glasses, serves 2.



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